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The first 2000 NFTs are free.

The rest 9111 NFTs cost 0.02 eth each on Ethereum Blockchain.

You can mint 1 or 2 NFTs per transaction (save gas fee).

 The total number of NFTs from minting per person are 5.

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Our story

When we were younger we used to throw ourselves into the world of superheroes. The fact that such a simple idea one man created can be modified into something so amazing and entertaining has always impressed us, but we wanted to create our own heroes. We wanted to make something that was ours, something that we had achieved, that was our ambition. 

NiKatai is our dream!!! 11,111 heroes created by our hands and our souls!!!

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FIRST 2000 NFTs are free

The other 9111 NFTs cost 0.02 eth each

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About NiKatai

In 2022, NiKatai was digital created by the Artist Thanos. He has worked for more than 20 years on creating art in many big companies.

When we asked Thanos what is the meaning of this collection, he told us that these NFTs symbolize people from all over the world who fight for their human rights. That is why he made them with a weapon on their shoulder.

NiKatai is a collection of 11,111 NFTs with over 200 hand drawn traits! NiKatai NFTs are stored as ERC-721 tokens on Ethereum  blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Each holder is given ownership and commercial usage rights of their NFT. 

When you buy NiKatai, you are not simply buy a rare piece of art . You are buying into a club whose benefits will increase over time.Your NiKatai will become your digital identity  or key, opening digital opportunities for you.

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Phase 1

NiKatai collections with over 200 traits

Mint of 11,111 NFts on Ethereum Blockchain

Opensea listing

Big Announcement about our Metaverse

Release our NiKatai Metaverse

Phase 2

NiKatain accessories collections

80% of the accessories will airdrop to owners of NiKatai

Metaverse expansion

Metaverse Roles

NiKatai Marketplace

Airdrops, Giveaways to the owners


Phase 3

3D NiKatai collection of 11,111 NFTs

Create the NiKatai coin and distribute it to the NiKatai owners.

80% of the collection will airdrop to owners of NiKatai

More to be announced

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How can I buy a NiKatai NFT?

You can mint a NiKatai NFT from this web site or buy it from Opensea.

How many NFTs are available?

The collection is limited to 11,111. You can verify the ownership of your NFT and others on the blockchain.

How much does it cost to mint from this site?

The first 2000 NFTs are free + gas fee. The rest 9111 NFTs cost 0.02 eth each + gas fee on Ethereum Blockchain.

How many NFTs can buy per transaction?

You can buy up to 2 NFTs per transaction.

How many NFTs in total per person?

You can mint up to 5 NFTs in total. If you want more you can buy from opensea.

What are your future plans?

We are working to deliver multiple innovations and achievements, of which some have already been delivered.

We are planning our Metaverse which will be live soon.

Also we are working on future roadmap targets like airdrop of NIKatai 2 (a 3D version) to owners of NIKatai.

How can I join to community?

We Welcome new members with open hands. Come and chat with us on Twitter. Discord is coming soon.

NFT Calendar

Press the Button to see our collection on NFTCalendar

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Soon on Rarity Sniper

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Rarity Sniper

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